GSM Hunter
GSM Hunter is a software intended for observing various GSM network related information, which is not usualy accessible through a mobile phone. With connection with a mobile phone it can retrieve various data from the network.

Program is created in the Microsoft .NET technology so we can say that it is multiplatform, because it can be started up on Microsoft Windows with .NET Framework and Windows Mobile 2003 with .NET Compact framework unchanged without any additional installation.

Current version of the software has following features:

Program uses and is compatible with AT command set as defined in "AT Command Set For L55 Siemens Mobile Phones And Modems". Program is compatible with "ETSI TS 101 267 V8.13.0 (2003-03)", "GSM 04.08 Version 5.3.0 July 1999" and "GSM 05.08 Version 5.1.0: July 1999"

Tested phones and platforms:
Mobile phone OS Connection type
Siemens S55 Windows XP Bluetooth
Siemens S55 Windows XP IrDa
Siemens S55 Windows Mobile 2003 Bluetooth
Siemens S55 Windows Mobile 2003 IrDa

I am not sure why but on my Win XP computer the program is not working with the IrDa. Interesting is that on the Pocket PC everything is fine.

Cell databases
Program, when connected to the mobile phone, can show the lac and cell name. To enable this feature one must provide the database with cell info. This file is special binary file so one can not simple create that - because of this program can convert CSV files to its natural format. CSV file has following structure:

cell id (decimal);cell id (hexadecimal);lac(decimal);lac code(is not important);lac text;cell text


414;019E;18228;AB;Praha 4 - Kunratice;Hráského 12 (garáže Proseč);

I chose this import format, because it is supplied by BTS Hunters in Czech Republic. Once converted it can be used as the cell database. The cell database must be in the same directory as the program executable is, and it must have the name: mcc_mnc.bin, e.g. 230_1.bin
Note: It is better to convert the file in a desktop PC, because a Pocket PC can make it as a rather long term process. Destination file name is given as original file name with bin extension.

Log and trace
Program can trace the serial communication in the file (log.txt) in the same directory as executable is. Trace cells list (trace.txt) is also saved in the same directory as the executable is. This options can be chosen in the application in the settings form. Example of the cells trace lit is:

2004-03-03T12:52:24 230 1 663 Praha 6 - Brevnov, Za Hládkovem 22 (bytový dum)
2004-03-03T12:52:31 230 1 105 Praha 1 - Hradcany, Jelení 5
2004-03-03T12:54:02 230 1 899 Praha 6 - Dejvice, Dejvická 189/5 (budova Komercní banky)
2004-03-03T12:55:14 230 1 186 Praha 6 - Dejvice, Milady Horákové 109 (Škoda Praha - ...)
2004-03-03T12:55:40 230 1 899 Praha 6 - Dejvice, Dejvická 189/5 (budova Komercní banky)
2004-03-03T12:56:06 230 1 407 Praha 6 - Dejvice, Evropská 15 (hotel DIPLOMAT)
2004-03-03T12:56:13 230 1 2903 Praha 6 - Dejvice, Svatovítská 18 (mikrocella na balkóne ...)
2004-03-03T12:57:29 230 1 363 Praha 6 - Dejvice, Vítezné námestí 1 ("Kulaták")


The look in desktop Windows is similar.

Zip file Installation: unpack, run. Software can be used for non commercial purposes only.

Ondrej Psencik Last update: 4.3.2004